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Re-New Project and Consulting

The Re-New project was born in 2015 from the union of two completely different minds, mine and that of my partner Fabio.

The common passion for Italian craftsmanship, uniqueness and attention to environmental sustainability have meant that Re-New Bags was born and was founded on these three pillars.

Like that of any young entrepreneur, my role in Re-New was 360 °: I was in charge of product design , research of materials , suppliers , I managed social channels, the website and e-commerce. up to the conception of stylistic and choreographic shows, the corner, the photo shoots and the development of trade relations.

designer of bags
re new bags

Thanks to Re-New I grew up, I developed my skills , understood my strengths and discovered my limits .

But, if you have read my story, I won't go into it further ...

In 2020 I worked as a Product Manager consultant for some Brands including Spalding 1876 where my role has remained the same but with a big difference, team work .

The continuous comparison, the vision of a Brand within a completely different sector from mine, the creation of Reports, the management tools and the contact with logistics have given me the tools to implement my knowledge making me grow a lot.

Rinascente Award 2019

event planner italy
event planner
re new bags
fashion show
event planner for fashion
italian bags
italian recycle bags
fashion week
catwalk for fashion week
italian designer


Consultancy for the creation of Photo Shooting and support in the search for suppliers

Photo Studio Lights

Support in the management and coordination of fashion shows

Vestito di bianco

Consultancy for the preparation of exhibition corners

negozio di ceramica
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