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Make yourself comfortable, I'll tell you my story

My name is Marta but friends call me Reverie because since I was a child I was lost in daydreaming.

Over the years I realized that this feature of mine was my strong point, so I decided to pursue my dreams and make them my job.

My parents have always pushed me to cultivate my passions by making them my job , know that there is no truer teaching and I am here to prove it to you.


P axion and creativity

I worked in the wedding sector in Milan during my university studies for an agency that put me in the field right from the start despite my young age, at the time I was only 22 years old.

I continued to train, I followed the course with Stefania Poletti and Serena Obert, exceptional Wedding Planners who have provided us with all the tools necessary to make our dream a job.

In 2014 I continued to accompany my brides on their journey and I moved for a year to Nice in the Côte d'Azur to learn the language that had always fascinated me and to be able to use it at work level.

A year later, on my return, my predisposition to independence led me to open my start-up Re-New Bags with my partner Fabio where I was able to put into practice and develop my knowledge in the field of Design , of fabrics, craftsmanship and environmental sustainability . I had the opportunity to meet exceptional artisans and suppliers who have contributed to my growth; I have participated in international fairs as an emerging brand such as Mipel in Milan and Linea Pelle, I worked with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and presented our project to foreign companies. In 2019 we won the Rinascente Award which gave us the opportunity to present our creations in the Turin flagship store.

Thanks to the skills acquired, I subsequently worked as Product Manager of various brands such as Spalding 1876, managing their design, coordinating communication, events and advertising campaigns.

My passions and my work have many things in common but the key to everything is Communication.

We live in an era where standing out in the sea of ​​the web is increasingly difficult and the communication strategy must be the pillar of our structure, whatever it is.

For this reason I decided, after graduation, to continue to train by enrolling in a Master of Social Media Management which gave me the tools to implement my knowledge and to be able to help those who need to "innovate" and find support for web and social tools.

Now that you know my story we can start writing yours together
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