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Mi chiamo Marta ma gli amici mi chiamano Rêverie perchè sono una sognatrice.
Qui trovi la storia del mio sogno che con costanza ho trasformato in ciò che sono e nel mio lavoro.
Ma ora, sono qui per aiutarti a realizzare il tuo

Wedding services

The wedding day will be the most important day of your life, every detail will have to be drawn on you and your dreams.

My role will be to support you, to help you in the management and to advise you on the best suppliers, I will be by your side at all times to ensure that your dream is fulfilled.


Prendiamo un appuntamento!


Communication &

Social Media Management

Digital communication is attention, organization and aesthetics, these three characteristics are part of me and after a master in Social Media Management I can offer you solutions and advice to improve your Web and Social channels.

Image by Kevin Bhagat


I have a degree in Design and fashion disciplines, for six years I was the entrepreneur of my start-up Re-New Bags in Turin, winner of the Rinascente award in 2019 and Product Manager of Spalding 1876.

Every detail and every show have been organized with passion and love for my work.

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