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Digital Sketching
Image by Georgia de Lotz

Digital strategy and communication

why do you need it?

We live in an era where standing out in the sea of ​​the web is increasingly difficult and the communication strategy must be the pillar of our structure, whatever it is.

For this reason I decided, after graduation, to continue to train by enrolling in a Master of Social Media Management which gave me the tools to implement my knowledge and to be able to help those who need to "innovate" and find support for web and social tools.

Whether you are a brand, a small town shop or a large agency, communication is essential for your strategy.

But what is communication and why do you need it ?

During the course we analyzed many successful web and social profiles, we studied every detail trying to understand what could be the winning strategy to apply to our business, but do you know what the answer is? Does not exist

Now you are wondering if I am crazy, in reality the answer I have given you is not complete because there is not a single winning strategy that, taken as an example, leads you to success but each reality must find its own.

So what is communication?

To explain it to you I will give you a simple example, you are walking down a street you do not know when at some point you see the sign of a shop that attracts you, has beautiful colors, a beautiful font and stands out among those old ladies and a little 'ramshackle of the other shops, so you decide to get closer and go and see the window ... etc but let's stop here, because the first big test has already passed the Communication, you stopped in front of the shop!

Only later did you decide to go and see the window, you entered the shop, you looked at the prices and met the nice saleswoman who served you but, here Marketing came into play with all its sales strategies.

This was just a small example, but think of the social channels where we are bombarded every day with intrusive advertisements and profiles all the same , think of how many sell your same service or product and how difficult it is to find new customers in such a vast sea .. .

here, now you know why you need the right communication .


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